How Do YOU Use Your Lifebook?

People often ask me, what’s the best way to USE your Lifebook?

Well, just like with most other things in life, I guess the answer is, whatever works FOR YOU!

I know some people who spend 15 minutes with their Lifebook every morning at breakfast. Other people I know spend a couple hours solid on weekends. Many of our VIP Members do a deep dive into a category per month as they go through the VIP Program…

Personally, I use my Lifebook all through the year to take notes and keep track of all the cool stuff I learn across all 12 Categories, then I do a full edit at least once a year, and sometimes twice a year.  I’ll either go on a trip with MIssy, or sometimes I’ll spend a few days alone somewhere and pull it all together; getting rid of all the stuff that’s no longer valid, deleting goals I’ve accomplished or am no longer interested in – and I’ll COMPLETELY update my Lifebook, including the photos. It stays BEAUTIFUL for about a month, till I start filling it with notes again! 🙂

Missy and I also take at least one dedicated Lifebook Trip per year together. Sometimes we make big changes in our books, sometimes we don’t – it just depends on where we are in our lives at the time. But those trips are always wonderful and our Lifebooks always provide endless hours of fascinating conversations about our lives together…

So, how do YOU use your Lifebook?

We would LOVE to hear all the different way Lifebook Members are using this incredible life-development tool! Please share with us by commenting below!

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