The December VIP Challenge

All VIPs who join this challenge will receive a free gift (see sign up rules below). The VIP who reports the most success will win the grand prize (must submit 3rd party verification).

This December, I will watch my loved ones stuff themselves with cookies, pie and gravy, yet I will exercise the discipline of a MARINE.

I will participate in a holiday boot camp of my own design. I will ENJOY feeling a little bit hungry. I will enjoy saying NO to that which does not make me stronger. I will emerge from this holiday season better, stronger and faster.

This December, I will identify, outmaneuver and neutralize the ENEMY before the holiday damage is done:

  • Grandma’s Christmas pie is the ENEMY. I will not engage the Christmas pie. I will outmaneuver and neutralize the Christmas pie. I will do this in a covert manner so as not to upset Grandma.
  • Christmas candy is the ENEMY. I will not be seduced by bonbons, candy canes, haystacks, or any other manner of confectionary designed to sabotage my mission.
  • Fat is the ENEMY. Fat is waste. I do not want fat on my body. Most Americans gain a pound a year. I do not. This month, while my loved ones are GAINING weight, I will LOSE weight.

I will be an inspiration to my VIPs and get inspiration FROM my VIPs. And if I should fall off this wagon, I will lean on my fellow VIPs for support and climb right back on again. Should my VIPs fall off this wagon, I will support them in any way I can and pull them back on.

Together, my fellow VIPs and I will triumph over adversity and we will be victorious!


I will increase the quality and intensity level of my workouts by 20-30%.

• I will change up my workouts regularly for maximum effectiveness
• I will stay hydrated before, during and after my workouts
• I will push myself hard and I will ENJOY it

I will decrease my normal caloric intake by 20-30%

• I will not eat ANYTHING in between meals.
• I will seriously limit my sugar, starch and alcohol intake
• I will focus my diet on lean meat and green vegetables

I will ENJOY exercising this level of discipline over myself.


1. You must declare your commitment to this challenge by posting a comment below. (make sure we have your email addy so we can send you your free gift)

2. You must report your progress REGULARLY on this blog throughout December – and NO LESS than once a week.

3. You must give a FINAL REPORT on your results, with 3rd party verification.

So, who’s IN??? 🙂

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